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Abrams Dispute Resolution Center is a safe place where people work together to solve problems.  Each party speaks and listens.  Ideas are exchanged until solutions appear and agreements are reached.

The "A" in ADR Center is much more than a name.  It is a fresh beginning to those seeking resolution to personal, business and community conflicts.  Mediator Nina Dodge Abrams and her network of colleagues can help you navigate your unique situation.  Call the ADR Center at 248.546.0900 to take your first steps toward a resolution.  

Mediators are trained to help people listen and share information.  They do not make decisions.  Mediators help the parties make their own decisions.  They do not provide information.  Mediators help sort through the information you have.  They do not exclude trusted advisers, family, or friends.  Mediators help you choose who should be part of the conversation.  When solutions are found and agreed upon, mediators frequently write up the ideas for review before creating a final settlement agreement.

You do not have to go to court.

Nina Dodge Abrams feels strongly that promoting non-litigation techniques to solve problems is important work. “I believe that I can do my part for the community.” The ADR Center uses constructive communication, active listening, and structured negotiation to reach agreements.  Abrams says, “Studies have shown that mediation and collaborative divorce often get more satisfactory results at a lower cost in dollars and with less damage to important relationships.” 

Abrams also counsels those considering litigation or beginning to address a conflict, dispute, or problem.  She helps them decide their best course of action.

In this video Nina explains the value of mediation as a form of dispute resolution within the context of divorce.

Abrams Dispute Resolution

ADR Center is the place to discuss your legal problems. Nina Dodge Abrams will explore your problems with you, propose possible solutions, and help you find more information to manage your difficulties.


Everyone has a story to tell.  When each person listens to the other, ideas pop into the mind.  People don't have to agree but they need to look for ideas they have in common. Stories and ideas take time to share before new ideas and proposed solutions appear. This process is problem solving and dispute resolution.  It works for families when they choose a school for their children; it works for partners when making decisions about spending money; it works for seniors when making health decisions; it works for businesses when there are problems with vendors; and it works for communities when planning new roads.  It can work for you if you have a conflict in your life.  It isn't an easy solution to problem solving, but it is usually faster, less expensive, and better for your decision or settlement.  For more information on dispute resolution click here.


All families face decision making, from where to live, what to buy, whom to visit, or whether to divorce.  Each family is complex, and no two are alike.  There can be just two people or a group of people who call themselves a family. When communications break down and the warm friendly feeling seems cold, using a third person who is a trained neutral to help reconnect is worthwhile before everything becomes hopeless. Sometimes "time out" is necessary and works, to rekindle the ability to share ideas and make decisions together. But when it doesn't work, the mediators at the ADR Center will work with you to find a path to resolving the conflicts.

If you have problems and are considering a divorce or have problems related to children, or are fighting over the many decisions that plague each person.


Seniors and their families need information to make viable decisions.  As people age, problems seem to become more complicated.  The ADR Center staff allows individuals, family, and friends to express their concerns, opinions, and objections as part of the problem solving process.

Even before reaching social security age, there are decisions about downsizing the home, where to live, when to retire, whom to trust as caregivers or advisers, and many more.  When reaching social security age, decisions about finances, government programs, and heath insurance needs add more stress to the mix.  Because more people are affected by these decisions, the possible solutions are more complicated, and the conversations may become more difficult.  While it is emotionally tough to consider using a mediator, consider that there are already many third parties helping you make decisions in your life—beauticians, social workers, lawyers, or friends.


Not only individuals have issues that need a resolution.  Sometimes the problem is bigger and involves an entire community.  Whether it is a business, children's organization, community program, government agency, or other large group, Abrams and her network of colleagues are equipped to handle disputes without the need to go to court.

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